Trademindx Roadmap Q1 2018 Update

Trademindx Roadmap Q1 2018 Update

The Trademindx roadmap has been published, it’s an ambitious project and we are excited to be working through it with good momentum. In this article, we take a deeper dive into the first 3 milestones (of phase 1), provide updates on our progress and expand on some of the high-level details!

Q4 / 2017 Project Launch

The Trademindx project was started at the end of 2017 with Alex coming up with the initial concept. We created our website and published our whitepaper. We gathered feedback from our network, the community and made improvements. We also kicked off the technical design, broke the project down into smaller deliverable modules and started building out the first prototype. The Trademindx artificial intelligence project was launched!

Q1 / 2018 Prototype Development

The focus during the start of 2018 has been to complete the first working prototype — which we have now successfully done! It was an incredible moment when Trademindx artificial intelligence came to life, it backloaded all historical market data points for all cryptocurrencies with a market cap of more than $100m, started sourcing news feeds, streaming Twitter feeds, getting real-time market data ticks, calibrating it’s internal AI models, applying natural-language processing algorithms and… then it actually started making crypto market movement predictions!

Trademindx started refining those models as more data became known to it and providing degrees of confidence in its own predictions! It is currently running, learning, predicting, checking its predictions and refining its internal models. As it learns, we expect its signals to become more accurate, turning huge amounts of data into simple BUY, SELL or HOLD trading indicators with clear confidence levels! Helping to empower the crypto investor!

The cryptocurrency market has also been very volatile during the start of 2018, as long-term investors started to cash out on the big December bull-run which saw Bitcoin soar to record new levels. New investors were also perhaps shaken by the moves of central governments and regulators, further feeding the market slump. “FUD” set it. Now the market is picking up again, investors are coming in with more confidence and this has meant that Trademindx has been able to learn through a market down-turn which has further strengthened its knowledge base and models!

During this time, we have also been focusing on refining the technical architecture design, speaking to technical experts, getting feedback and ensuring it will stack up as a platform. We also published a detailed FAQ on our homepage, based on the questions we have been receiving. We spent some time refining the website to ensure that all the information is clear, well defined and transparent.

We have also been busy building out the token and crowd sale smart contracts in Solidity and testing them out using the Truffle test Ethereum blockchain client. We have been writing lot of tests to check different scenarios and ensure the contracts work as expected. One of the challenges with smart contracts is that they are unlike other software in the sense that once they are published to the live Ethereum network, they cannot be changed! So the code needs to be 100% accurate with no bugs. We have been utilising the Zeppelin open-source codebase, leveraging community knowledge in this area and building on-top of proven and thoroughly tested code.

We also put together our terms and conditions for the token sale.

We expanded our team, introducing key new members around finance, technology and community building. We have also been refining the business model for Trademindx, projecting revenues, calculating cashflows, determining how much funding we need to bootstrap the project and working out token sale allocations. This work has now been successfully completed and we are now almost ready to start the token pre-sale!

There will be healthy bonuses up for grabs in our pre-sale packages, so make sure to register for the pre-sale today!

Q2 / 2018 Token Sale

As we look to the start of Q2, focus will shift to raising the required funding to build a proper engineering team and setup the infrastructure to run the Trademindx platform in the cloud.

We aim to push out the token and crowd sale smart contracts to the live Ethereum blockchain too. We then expect to conclude the pre-sale, payout token bonuses and move into the public sale as soon as possible. Once the public sale completes, we will run airdrops and start to file for exchange listings!

During Q2 we will also be moving the technical aspects of the Trademindx platform forward and building it out. We hope you enjoyed this update and will join us on our journey.

Please take a moment to connect with us on Twitter. Trademindx is going to start Tweeting soon too!

To your investing success, Trademindx Team

About Trademindx

Trademindx artificial intelligence crunches huge amounts of data and attempts tells you which cryptocurrencies to invest in for maximum returns.

You will need utility tokens to gain access to Trademindx platform.